The World’s First Las Vegas Airline serving one Global purpose – bringing the Sin City experience to the world, Las Vegas style entertainment, gaming, and luxury at 30,000 feet . Las Vegas Air is planned to be a fleet of Luxury Jumbo Jets, with interiors designed to reflect the inimitable aura of the Las Vegas experience. Each aircraft will maintain 40 First Class Full Reclining Seats and 200 Premium Club Class seats with an aft circle bar, bottle service and VIP Booths covered in surround sound. Initial flights are planned from New York, Miami and Hong Kong to Las Vegas 2015.  No other airline in history will ever compare. It’s time to Fly To Win. By flying Las Vegas Air. 

What is the basis of Las Vegas Air? A scheduled Jumbo Jet charter airline offering flights from points around the world all flying "Non-Stop" to Las Vegas. However, the Las Vegas experience begins far before the flight. Each gateway (Airport City) that Las Vegas Air flies from (as an origination point) will host a Las Vegas Nightclub  created from the interior and exteriors of a 747 Aircraft (more to follow in next months update). Furthermore, every Gate Las Vegas Air flies from will feature "Live" Las Vegas Entertainment, Player specials, and Baccarat, 21, Poker table games and spirits hours prior to EVERY flight.  The VIP Lounges of Las Vegas Air will set a new standard in luxury, technology, and player relaxation and amenities. All Las Vegas Air flights are "point to point", which translated, means they're only headed in ONE direction ... The heart of Sin City. From the reservation experience, to the gate experience, to boarding the plane, you are in Las Vegas the entire time. No other airline will offerr an experience like Las Vegas Air. Tickets will be available through Casinos Worldwide in 2015. 


Club Class: Imagine entering an aircraft that resembles a flying nightclub more than an airplane. You will never experience crying babies (as passengers under 13 are not allowed). Imagine a standard Class which offers 3/4 reclining seats,  touch text, email IM between all passengers and flight crew. The largest In-Flight screen in the airline industry and the largest inventory of movies, music and gaming of any air carrier in the world. Also, live cams and viewing of events and clubs in Las Vegas at the touch of your fingertips. Imagine ordering one of 10 VME's (Vegas Meal Experience), lovingly crafted by the finest restaurants in Las Vegas.  Finally, a Skymall catalogue where items are brought to you "immediately" upon purchase, gift wrapped and boxed.  Just some of the options in Club Class.  To top it all off, a Circle Bar in the rear cabin for all passengers, surrounded by Foursome "Booth" Seats which include full bottle service and tables for entertaining. All Booth Seats receive First Class meals, VIP Club entry in Las Vegas as well as premium Gift Bags.

First Class: Imagine a full reclining tech pod, an oak dining and work desk,  10 five-course meals of your choice, and attentive service that is unparalleled by any airline in history.  A full shower and changing room, a live plant wall and a 32 in . LCD television screen with Premium Headphones and touch screen controls. First class tickets include a $1,000 credit on  Las Vegas Air Skymall as well a gift bag that will be unparalelled in Las Vegas. with an approximate value of $25,000.  First Class will be another word for "Player".


40 million people arrive in Las Vegas annually. However, 95% of the world has not been to Sin

City. The recession globally has reduced air traffic to Las Vegas substantially. The number of 

​actually Players (gamblers) are only 9% of all visitors to Las Vegas vs. 20% in 2005. The goal

of Las Vegas Air is within  5 years; to bring an additional 2 million Players to Sin City.  The focus

of Las Vegas Air is international Players from Casino programs in Hong Kong, Macau,  London,

Tokyo, NY, Miami on a scheduled charter basis, and from all other points globally over time.  

(Photo: Las Vegas Air Aircraft Lavatory Concept)



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(Photo: Las Vegas Air First Class Concept)